Entry #1

Bringing R&B from it's Newgrounds Ashes...one listener at a time. When I'm done they'll rename the genre "Last Encore"

2007-12-31 03:07:53 by LastEncore

He'sss back.


Bringing R&B from it's Newgrounds Ashes...one listener at a time. When I'm done they'll rename the genre "Last Encore"


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2007-12-31 15:44:18

Yo, that was a phat beat, broh. Realy nice. I'm gonna be looking forward to any more work from you. =)


2008-01-03 02:42:42

Hey This is S_Rock
Thanks for Listening to my Track..
The bass Line Isn't soft, But Low.
If your speakers can't support 23Hz then You can't hear it..
I got 2 Subs at my house and this Songs Blows the House up lol.
More then a little Jon song =P.


2008-01-23 18:39:19

when u droppin ya next hit? if u wudnt mind, id like to lay some lyrics on it man! its aiite i got a recordin mic, n it is 500 dollars, aint no 50 dollar k-mart shit haha.


2008-02-04 16:15:35

Your music reviews are awesome :D

LastEncore responds:

Thanks. Did I leave you one?


2008-02-05 16:55:21

Well, unfortunately, it doesnt look like you're going to make the top 5 unless you get a sudden surge of five votes :( its probably just because its an R&B track, as Hip Hop/Rap/R&B (I group these together because they have similar elements) music isnt generally liked as much as the other genres on NG, as I've noticed the scores in these areas tend to be lower than others. in fact I dont think i've ever seen one of those genres ever reach the top 5, furthermore even the top 30-not including satirical raps that make it probably just for its comedic themes. oh well, atleast you're #2 in the R&B charts- I'm sure you'll get plenty of recognition (like you are already) from the smaller audience of people who enjoy these types of music and you're popularity will just increase from here when you upload more tracks and continue to be active in the AP.


2008-03-20 12:11:21

Damn yo you make beautiful shit.. I'm still fuckin with that" I thought she knew " cuz when I hear it, I can jus summarize my whole situation right now to it in a verse.. The track is basically done.. I just don't know if or not you'd be aight with me puttin it on NG. Beautiful works though, all of your works.. just straight up beautiful. Keep at it.


2008-03-25 15:22:30

Hey, where's the other 3 tracks?
You deleted them?

LastEncore responds:



2008-03-25 20:30:39

hey WTF man i liked those tracks!

LastEncore responds:

...you did?


2008-03-29 01:22:02

Why did you delete your tracks?


2008-04-05 18:20:45

I know, maybe he's trying to sell them.


2008-05-19 21:42:09

why the hell did u delete ur other tracks man

those were dope


2008-06-29 06:26:46

Glad to have you back with us!


2008-07-01 02:21:40

Next door neighbor, good friend. Nuff' said.


2008-07-17 23:21:53

I like your beats so far ... Most likely you'll come out with alot more.


2008-07-17 23:22:28

I like your beats so far ... Most likely you'll come out with alot more.


2008-07-24 07:58:16

What the hell kind of letter is that?

LastEncore responds:

lol hell if if i know hah!


2008-07-26 16:52:07

i love you. the way you are so in control of music...
u r so hott!


2008-07-31 22:22:43


LastEncore responds:

lol thannks man!


2008-08-02 09:56:42

ur music rules


2008-08-28 23:29:48

its cool that all these ppl like this music... but the f*cked up part about this is that u forgot to mention that u didn't do this by urself....
sup people. it's the "H" in the HD coming to check in to let the WORLD know that there's another half to this musical genius we call "Last Encore" aka HD

LastEncore responds:

um no no. YOU see they seemed to have THOUGHT i did it by myself. I always said HD. <<< And that there's a H. Incase you hadn't notice. Learn to read, college man!


2008-11-11 16:37:24

I've always been wondering....
after listening to " Day n' Night" by Kid Cudi,
If you could add some of that last encore flow
into that mix aha
anyways just a thought

Peace d[-_-]b